Geddit Right is a UX-first digital agency based in Singapore.



Turning an idea into a startup for the region’s #1 micro-influencer app.

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Options MD

Options MD

Turning an idea into a startup prototype for an award-winning mental health web app.

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SG Bike

SG Bike

Redesigning Singapore’s #1 bicycle sharing app.

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PotatoHead Bali - 15

Potato Head

Redesigning the full web experience of Bali’s most exciting lifestyle resort.

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Designing one of Singapore's top mobile app-based property marketplaces.

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Designing a first-of-its-kind micro-property investment platform.

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Improving usability for the region’s #1 sneakers marketplace.

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The Closet Lover

The Closet Lover

Redesigning the experience for one of SG’s pioneer, ecommerce fashion brands.

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Designing a rewards app for achieving exciting health and eco goals.

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Designing an SaaS platform for small- & medium-sized businesses to harness predictive analytics.

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Redesigning a first-of-its-kind ecommerce marketplace for local precincts.

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AStar - Web App 1


Designing a dynamic forms and approval app for A-star staff to request  borrowing and procurement of assets.

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ST Logistics - Web App 3

ST Logistics

Redesigning aprocurement portal for Ministry of Health partners to order medical supplies.

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About Us

We believe in making people's lives easier — by designing digital interfaces to entertain, work and to engage with brands and services.

We believe that digital experiences should be simple, yet beautiful and elegant. There is no distinction in a consumer-facing app versus an internal enterprise app, except in value derived for its users, never in its boring-ness.

Top brands we've worked with


Designed a mobile app for staff to manage hot desking, pay slips and leave applications.

SC Bank

Designed a mobile app for consumers to invest in term deposits offered by SC and other partner banks.


Designed an eLearning portal that offers audit, finance, and risk management courses for executives.

NCS / Singtel

Designed a web app that allows users to connect and manage multiple autonomous robot brands via a game-like interface.

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What we do

We design & develop user experiences across digital platforms such as web apps, mobile apps, e-commerce sites and enterprise apps.

UX Research

Understanding users, or practicing "empathy," is a crucial part of UX design. We conduct research activities to comprehend the needs and wants of the people we design for. We also assess existing apps (to redesign) by uncovering the specific issues faced and impressions held by users.

User interviews

Usability audit

Field study

Heuristics analysis

Analytics audit

User persona mapping

User journey mapping

User stories

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UX Research Singapore

UX Design

We design app flows and pages to optimize the user experience we intend to achieve. We apply hundreds of best practices in usability (UX) and aesthetics (UI) across websites, e-commerce, mobile, and enterprise designs. We then place our designs in the hands of actual users to gather observable feedback, uncovering problems with our designs and finding opportunities to enhance the overall user experience. By intelligently testing designs before coding, we can avoid time-consuming reworks down the line.

Design sprints workshop

Application of UX best practices

User flow mockups

Heuristics evaluation

Clickable prototyping

Usability testing

A/B testing

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UX Design Singapore

UX Development

Once we've achieved our UX objectives, we hand them over to our team of in-house developers or work with yours to code them into websites and mobile apps. Our designers embed themselves in the team to ensure the designs are well-implemented.

Web apps

Mobile apps


Enterprise apps

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