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Good user experience is a byproduct of intelligent strategy and processes

Addressing the challenges of startups and organizations of today, demands us to be different in our thinking and approach to UX design. We thus have a foundational approach for doing great UX work; strategy, sprints, solutions and systems!

#1 Strategy

We strategically decide on what user experiences to build

In our first meet, we talk about UX strategy. Strategy forces us to think ahead and to be meticulously selective about the features and experiences we want to offer your users.

Founders Sprints Workshop

#2 Sprints

We design and test prototypes, fast & collaboratively

Design sprints is a proven process to get your product experience into the hands of users quickly. What typically takes months, is compressed into 5 days of intensive collaborative design work.

Design and test prototypes

#3 Solutions

We consistently measure the user's experience for smarter solutions

Throughout the process, we graph out the 3 levels of experiences (painful, baseline and delightful) to accurately pinpoint what to fix and improve on for your users.

Consistent measure users' experience

#4 Systems

We achieve visual design consistency across every screen

By utilizing and adapting design systems such as IOS GUI, Android's Material Design and Shopify's Polaris, we are able design faster and achieve brand consistency across small and large scale projects.

Visual design consistency

Case Study

We designed an app experience that won our client a bid for a major smart city developer

Brookfield is a concept application of what a smart city app could be using state-of-the-art sensors and data systems. We started off with a vision to make life easier for people working in Brookfield.

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We have worked with startups and organizations, locally in Singapore and abroad.

Behind these selected brands from our long list of clients, are people whom we have build strong design camaraderie and friendship with.

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