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Why UX?

Businesses that invests in user experience, always win.

#1 way to outperform your competitors

In 2020, user experience overtook price and product as the biggest brand differentiator (Walker). Every $1 invested in UX brings $100 in return. That’s an ROI of 9,900%! (Forrester). The top companies leading in user experience outperformed the S&P index by 35%. (Forrester)

UX made top brands what they are today.

Amazon's founder Jeff Bezos spent 100:1 in UX over advertising in the early days and continue to do so (Walker). Airbnb attributed user research and tests as the turning point from failure to $10b in valuation (Walker). Hubspot grew to 10m in visitors after 3 months of intense UX re-design. (Walker)

UX Reduces the risks of failed digital projects.

Having UX design reduces the amount of time developers have to re-work a product by up to 50%. 70% of projects fail and eventually gets abandon due to lack of user acceptance done. It costs 100x more to fix a problem in development stages then in the UX stage.

ST Logistics

Redesigned a procurement portal for Ministry of Health partners to order medical supplies.

ST Logistics - Web App 3


ST Logistics handles most of the medical supplies required by the hospitals, polyclinics, and CHAS clinics in Singapore. The portal serves as the main channel for procurement and approvals within their organisation.


Enhance the overall user experience of the apps for both customers and admins, design according to Outsystems UI (low-code) with a focus on maintaining a UI design system with reusable components for further development, improve the speed at which admins and customers can perform key tasks such as: uploading products, assigning users to products, and finding products to add to cart.


Conducted focus group workshop with stakeholders, performed heuristics audit on existing platforms, designed web and mobile mockup flows, ran usability test sessions, performed heuristics evaluation, established UI design system (Outsystems), and worked with delivery partner to implement designs via Outsystems (low-code).



admin & customer web mockups delivered.


admin & customer mobile app mockups delivered.


improvement in time taken for admins to assign users to products.


improvement in time taken for customers to find the product they want to add to cart.


scoring based on overall user experience survey conducted at the end of the usability tests.

ST Logistics - Web App 1
ST Logistics - Mobile 2


As a medical administrator, I am able to login to the portal and get an overview of updates and new products.

ST Logistics - Web App 3

Finding products

As a medical executive I am able to find products I need and add them to cart based on the stock, order limits and prices.

ST Logistics - Web App 5
ST Logistics - Mobile 6
ST Logistics - Web App 7
ST Logistics - Mobile 8

Making payment

As a medical executive, I am able to make adjustments to my cart, choose my payment methods and make payment.

ST Logistics - Web App 10
ST Logistics - Mobile App 11
ST Logistics - Web App 12
ST Logistics - Mobile 13
ST Logistics - Web App 14
ST Logistics - Mobile 15

Making approvals

As a medical procurement approver, I am able to adjust the quantity amounts and approve or reject the product order.

ST Logistics - Web App 16

Orders overview

As a medical executive, I am able to get a report of the orders I made, and view their statuses.

ST Logistics - Web App 17
ST Logistics - Mobile 18

Getting started

As an ST Logistics admin, I am able to login and access the admin app.

ST Logistics - Web App 19
ST Logistics - Mobile 20

Managing products

As an ST Logistics admin, I am able to create and edit products and its details.

ST Logistics - Web App 21

Quick assigning

As a ST Logistics admin, I am able to rapidly assign users to user groups, product groups and products (and vice versa).

ST Logistics - Web App 22


Designed a dynamic forms and approval app for A-star staff to request borrowing and procurement of assets.

AStar - Web App 1


A-star is a research facility in Singapore with a large staff. Prior to the platform, A-star staff used a legacy SAP system and email to submit requests for borrowing and procurement of assets.


Design a user experience to manage form creation, raise requests and approval workflow; design according to Outsystems UI (low-code).


Conducted stakeholder interviews to understand approval workflows, designed web mockup flows, performed heuristics evaluation, and worked with delivery partner to implement designs via Outsystems (low-code).



admin-side web app mockups delivered.


Staff-side web app mockups delivered.


improvement in time taken for A-star staff to get a request approved.

AStar - Web App 1

Creating form templates

As an A-star forms administrator, I am able to access the app and create form templates.

AStar - Web App 2
AStar - Web App 3

Creating approval flows

As an A-star forms administrator, I am able to designate the approval workflow for each form template.

AStart Web App - 4

Viewing & raising requests

As an A-star, I am able to see an inbox of all my requests and raise

AStar Web App - 5
AStar - Web App 6