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We design cloud-based subscription platforms with its ecosystem of apps.

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Why UX?

Businesses that invests in user experience, always win.

#1 way to outperform your competitors

In 2020, user experience overtook price and product as the biggest brand differentiator (Walker). Every $1 invested in UX brings $100 in return. That’s an ROI of 9,900%! (Forrester). The top companies leading in user experience outperformed the S&P index by 35%. (Forrester)

UX made top brands what they are today.

Amazon's founder Jeff Bezos spent 100:1 in UX over advertising in the early days and continue to do so (Walker). Airbnb attributed user research and tests as the turning point from failure to $10b in valuation (Walker). Hubspot grew to 10m in visitors after 3 months of intense UX re-design. (Walker)

UX Reduces the risks of failed digital projects.

Having UX design reduces the amount of time developers have to re-work a product by up to 50%. 70% of projects fail and eventually gets abandon due to lack of user acceptance done. It costs 100x more to fix a problem in development stages then in the UX stage.


Designed an SaaS platform for small- & medium-sized businesses to harness predictive analytics.

DataVLT - Web App 26


DataVLT is a first-of-its-kind platform that allows small businesses to easily onboard their existing data and receive predictive analytics.


Introduce a new SaaS user experience for customers and the owners of DataVLT.


Conducted user interviews, facilitated mapping & ideation workshop with stakeholders, designed web app mockup flows, established a UI design system based on Outsystems, ran usability tests, and worked with delivery partners to develop platform via Outsystems (low-code).



client-side web app mockups delivered.


owner-side web app mockups delivered.


scoring based on overall user experience survey conducted at the end of the usability tests.

DataVLT - Web App 1

Getting a trial

As a business owner, I am able to get on a trial to assess the app.

DataVLT - Web App 2
DataVLT - Web App 3
DataVLT - Web App 4
DataVLT - Web App 5

Paying subscription

As a business owner, I am able to choose a package to subscribe to and buy seats for my team.

DataVLT - Web App 6
DataVLT - Web App 7
DataVLT - Web App 8
DataVLT - Web App 9

Managing member seats

As a business owner, I am able to invite, upgrade and remove members from the app based on the seats available.

DataVLT - Web App 10
DataVLT - Web App 11

Monitoring usage

As a business owner, I am to monitor the usage of my organisation teams and individuals, so that I can keep track of how much is spent.

DataVLT - Web App 12

Getting started

As a business executive, I am able to access the app and initiate a report.

DataVLT - Web App 13
DataVLT - Web App 14
DataVLT - Web App 15

Feeding data

As a business executive, I am able to upload my data from local or cloud apps.

DataVLT - Web App 16
DataVLT - Web App 17

Mapping data

As a business executive, I am able to map the data that I have with the data the app needs to generate the report.

DataVLT - Web App 18
DataVLT - Web App 19
DataVLT - Web App 20

Cleaning up data

As a business executive, I am able to easily clean-up the data so that the app can generate the report.

DataVLT - Web App 21
DataVLT - Web App 22

Generate report

As a business executive, I am able to generate report based on certain parameters I wish to configure for the report.

DataVLT - Web App 23
DataVLT - Web App 24

Interact with data reports

As a business executive, I am able to view, configure and interact with data reports to highlight what I want to know.

DataVLT - Web App 25
DataVLT - Web App 26