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We Exist To Empower Design leaders of the future


We started in 2013, existing simply to create better digital experiences

With the rise of startup ideas, we had an idea to birth an agency to bridge the gap between design and technology - an area we felt was lacking, often at odds. There were 100s of technology service providers but not many that could help startups envision their ideas. We thus embraced the “Apple Way” of creating products, with UX, visual and UI design at the foundation of our services.

Focused Mission

Along the way, we changed our focus towards empowering business leaders in design

The challenges were clear. Many of our clients were not equipped to make decisions on how their products should be designed. While we may be experts in design and user experience, great products are only as good as the business leaders' decisions. We knew one thing, we did not want to be just ordinary service providers. We wanted to empower our clients by enveloping our services with education on design thinking and leadership.


Together, we have produced better user experiences for people

Via smart strategizing, careful decision-making, collaborative workshops and insights exchange with our empowered clients, we continue to make better digital products for the market. We've seen through startup funding, exits, and global expansions.


We are ever prepared to usher our clients onto new design frontiers

The future of tech is changing. Fresh fields of user experiences in VR, AR, voice, bots, fintech, AI, IOT becomes ever more real. But rest assured, we are on top of it. If you are not already in tech, you ought to be. And design is your entryway. Allow us to work with you through these exciting times ahead.

Sebastian Koh - Here Tech

"I was impressed with Geddit Right, from the start. Absolutely loved their enthusiasm about UX & design! We were introduced to Design Sprints, which changed the way we think about designing sites & apps, for the better."

Sebastian Koh, Founder, Heretech Inc.

Abdul Rafiq

UX Researcher & Strategist

Abdul Rafiq is the co-founder of Geddit Right Pte. Ltd. where he oversees the strategic direction of the company and our client’s UX research & strategy phases. With more than 6 years of experience in the industry, he has helped numerous startups in Product Strategy and UX Design, from Pre-seed to Series Funding.

Today, he advocates for Design Thinking and Design Sprints and runs a podcast series - where he discuss how Product Design & UX Design is becoming more important for business leaders today and how non-techs and non-designers can better prepare themselves for the future.

One of his favorite quotes in the studio:
“This is not user worthy!”

Muhd Fitri

UX/UI Designer

Fitri is a UX & UI designer fascinated by visual design, interactive design & problem-solving. With over 10 years of experience in the creative industry, he has amassed a rich and diverse body of work, establishing Geddit Right’s Brand Strategy and help create engaging & immersive experiences for our clients like KPMG & Chanel.

Fitri enjoys observing what people do on a daily commute, looking for ideas he may solve that can help improve lives. On his off-days, he dabbles in blogging & photography.

But enough about the brains behind the company, what can he do for you?

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