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Simply, design better apps.

Technology has enabled us to do remarkable things in work and life. But technology without its people is meaningless. That's why we strive to simply, design better apps which make lives easier and businesses more efficient. And that's why we believe in the importance of good user experience.

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Agency milestones


Birth of a pioneer in Singapore

The year was 2012. Everyone thought the world was supposed to end. Badly designed apps and software were rampant. A former architect and an informatics engineer decided that enough was enough. We got our priorities straight and started Geddit Right.

We incorporated in the tiny city-state of Singapore, south of Malaysia on the 5th of June 2012, making us the first UX design agency born in Singapore.


100th project

We reached our 100th project milestone, having served a number of startups, SMEs and large organisations.


$10m in funding

Startups were the “in thing”. Dreamy-eyed founders came to us with ideas and gave us some money to turn them into apps with good UX. That year, our startup clients hit ten million in funding (total).


10th city reached

In 2020, we signed our first client from Hong Kong, hitting the 10 city milestone. They joined the list of clients who have engaged us from Bangalore, Bali, Los Angeles, Taipei, Manila, Tokyo, London, and Jakarta.


10 year anniversary

On the 5th June, 2022, we celebrated our 10th anniversary. We looked back on the achievements and impact we've created in the tech space and look towards the next 10 years, with the same drive and excitement we had when we first started.

Clients we've worked with


  • OptionsMD
  • DataVLT
  • Partipost
  • Dedoco
  • Ucars
  • Pipabella
  • Novelship
  • SG Bikes
  • Party Fairy
  • Fleurica


  • Weave Co-Living
  • SRX
  • Shop 365
  • Smarten Spaces
  • Simplypost
  • Decibel Studios
  • The Closetlover
  • DataVlt
  • K'nectary
  • Smarten spaces

MNC & Gov

  • Oracle
  • Standard Chartered Bank
  • ST Logistics
  • Chanel
  • KPMG
  • NCS / Singtel
  • Potato Head
  • Bartle Bogle Hegarty
  • Sky Premium
  • A-Star


Geddit Right - Abdul Rafiq

Abdul Rafiq

Director, Senior UX consultant

Rafiq is the founder of Geddit Right Pte. Ltd. and serves as the director of the company. He has over 10 years of experience in UX. He was a former assistant architect where he was first introduced to the world of design. He later went to business school, graduating Magna Cum Laude (Latin Honours) with a Bachelors of Science with marketing as a specialty. After graduation, Rafiq launched his own startup. It was then he came into the world of UX.

In 2012, he saw a gap in the market in Singapore, as there were no local UX design agencies, and he decided to co-found Geddit Right—one of Singapore’s first pure UX design agencies. Since then, he has served clients such as Partipost, Ucars, SRX, Options MD, Dedoco, KPMG, Standard Chartered Bank, Oracle, and many others.

He is passionate and advocates design thinking, product innovation, and UX-first organisations. He has advised institutions on UX curriculum development and regularly advises management of companies on UX-first tenders.

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