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Why UX?

Businesses that invests in user experience, always win.

#1 way to outperform your competitors

In 2020, user experience overtook price and product as the biggest brand differentiator (Walker). Every $1 invested in UX brings $100 in return. That’s an ROI of 9,900%! (Forrester). The top companies leading in user experience outperformed the S&P index by 35%. (Forrester)

UX made top brands what they are today.

Amazon's founder Jeff Bezos spent 100:1 in UX over advertising in the early days and continue to do so (Walker). Airbnb attributed user research and tests as the turning point from failure to $10b in valuation (Walker). Hubspot grew to 10m in visitors after 3 months of intense UX re-design. (Walker)

UX Reduces the risks of failed digital projects.

Having UX design reduces the amount of time developers have to re-work a product by up to 50%. 70% of projects fail and eventually gets abandon due to lack of user acceptance done. It costs 100x more to fix a problem in development stages then in the UX stage.

Potato Head

Redesigning the full web experience of Bali’s most exciting lifestyle resort.

PotatoHead Bali - 10


Potato Head is a world-famous hospitality brand with resorts, restaurants, and sustainable music festivals in Bali, Singapore, and Hong Kong. Prior to our engagement, most bookings were done through third-party channels.


Improve user experience to align with new branding, introduce a mobile-responsive experience, introduce and drive online bookings for resorts, restaurants, and festivals.


Conducted field studies to observe guests at Potato Head resort in Bali, facilitated a focus group, conducted a mapping and ideation workshop with stakeholders, developed user personas and journey maps, created design mockups, ran usability tests, and supported delivery partner to implement new designs.



web mockups delivered.


mobile responsive mockups delivered.


increase in online bookings.


increase in returning users.


scoring based on overall user experience survey conducted at the end of the usability tests.

PotatoHead Bali - 10PotatoHead Bali - 3

Getting an overview

As a potential guest, I am able to get an overview of all the locations, services and events that Potato Head offer.

PotatoHead Bali - 11
PotatoHead Bali - 1
PotatoHead Bali - 12
PotatoHead Bali - 14
PotatoHead Bali - 2
PotatoHead Bali - 4
PotatoHead Bali - 13


As a potential guest, I am able to easily make a booking for any of the hotels, restaurants or events on the site.

PotatoHead Bali - 8

Services details

As a potential guest, I am able to partially experience the services offered (such as hotel rooms and restaurants) with informative write-ups and immersive photographs.

PotatoHead Bali - 5
PotatoHead Bali - 6

Options MD

Turning an idea into a startup prototype for an award-winning mental health web app.

Options MD - Web App 1


Options MD allows people to get better recommendations for mental health medications that would best reduce side effects based on their lifestyle preferences.


Turn founder’s ideas into  web and mobile responsive app prototypes that can be used to test with early users and to demonstrate funding potential.


Facilitated mapping and ideation workshop with founders, designed web and mobile responsive mockups, turned mockups into clickable prototypes, and ran usability tests.



web app mockups delivered.


place winner in US #1 health tech startup accelerator competition.


pre-seed funds raised.


scoring based on overall user experience survey conducted at the end of the usability tests.

Options MD - Web App 1Options MD - Web App 2

Getting started

As a treatment-seeker, I am able to get an overview of what Options MD can do for me.

Options MD - Web App 3
Options MD - Web App 4


As a treatment-seeker, I am able to fill up an interactive questionnaire about my age, gender, ethnicity, lifestyle, allergies, conditions and current medications, so as to be recommended the right medications.

Options MD - Web App 5
Options MD - Web App 6
Options MD - Web App 7
Options MD - Web App 8
Options MD - Web App 9
Options MD - Web App 10
Options MD - Web App 11
Options MD - Web App 12

Get recommendations

As a treatment-seeker, I am able to view a shortlist of my recommended medications that would be best suited for my lifestyle.

Options MD - Web App 13
Options MD - Web App 14


Designing a first-of-its-kind micro-property investment platform.

BigFundr - Web App 1


Bigfundr is an MAS-regulated investment platform where users can invest in properties around the world for as little as $1,000 for higher-than-bank returns.


Design a user experience that is easy for users to register, invest in property, and manage their portfolio.


Facilitated stakeholders focus group; developed user personas, journey maps and user stories; designed mockups; ran usability test sessions; and conducted heuristics



web app mockups delivered.


mobile responsive mockups delivered.


in investment transactions within 3 months of delivery.


scoring based on overall user experience survey conducted at the end of the usability tests.

BigFundr - Web App 1BigFundr - Web App 2

Signing up

As a potential micro-investor, I would be able to fill up my details and use SingPass's myinfo to extract my information easily.

BigFundr - Web App 3
BigFundr - Web App 4
BigFundr - Web App 5

Investing in deals

As a potential micro-investor, I would be able to get a detailed info on the properties I can invest in and make the investment.

BigFundr - Web App 6
BigFundr - Web App 7
BigFundr - Web App 8

Tracking returns

As a micro-investor, I would be able to view my portfolio of investments and track my returns.

BigFundr - Web App 9