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Why UX?

Businesses that invests in user experience, always win.

#1 way to outperform your competitors

In 2020, user experience overtook price and product as the biggest brand differentiator (Walker). Every $1 invested in UX brings $100 in return. That’s an ROI of 9,900%! (Forrester). The top companies leading in user experience outperformed the S&P index by 35%. (Forrester)

UX made top brands what they are today.

Amazon's founder Jeff Bezos spent 100:1 in UX over advertising in the early days and continue to do so (Walker). Airbnb attributed user research and tests as the turning point from failure to $10b in valuation (Walker). Hubspot grew to 10m in visitors after 3 months of intense UX re-design. (Walker)

UX Reduces the risks of failed digital projects.

Having UX design reduces the amount of time developers have to re-work a product by up to 50%. 70% of projects fail and eventually gets abandon due to lack of user acceptance done. It costs 100x more to fix a problem in development stages then in the UX stage.


Web & CMS development


We develop websites and web portals using semantic HTML5, CSS and JS that are mobile responsive and interactive.

We also develop customised CMS for users to manage their content and data.


E-commerce development

The Closet Lover - E-Commerce Platform 3

We develop e-commerce websites, e-ordering portals and m-commerce apps with custom-built backend platform for managers. These backend platforms allow store managers to manage orders, products, 3PL deliveries, inventory and offer a host of connective APIs to automate data cross-platforms / online to offline.


Mobile app development

We develop IOS and Android mobile apps for consumers and enterprise users across all devices, with the highest level of security and native interactivity.


Enterprise & SAAS app development

Data Visualisation

We develop enterprise applications using #1 low-code platform in the market: Outsystems. We've developed automated workflow systems, data analytics dashboards and other internal apps that help make work easier and empower better decision-making.


SAAS app development

DataVLT - Web App 2

We develop software-as-a-service multi-platform apps that typically involves a super admin portal to manage subscriptions and features for end-users.


Low-code, multi-device development

Outsystems - Low Code Development Tool

Outsystems is the #1 low-code platform in the market. And it's rapidly being adopted by enterprises all over the world as part of digital transformation initiatives.

We work with a certified Outsystems development team to turn our designs into world-class, enterprise-grade, multi-platform apps in half the time it takes in traditional development.

The key benefit of using a low-code platform tool is its easy deployability across multiple devices. For example, implementing a button and its interactivity will automatically generate four variations: desktop web, mobile responsive web, IOS and Android. Each can then be styled and further customised.