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In 2024, the digital world buzzes with more energy and competition than ever. Businesses everywhere want to grab the attention of picky audiences. This has made excellent user experience (UX) design more important than ever. Here are top UX design agencies that you can collaborate with

As 2024 UX has been growing and helps a lot of business, with countless agencies waving their banners, how do you spot the real gems? Let us guide you. We've looked into it and found the best 10 UX design agencies in Singapore for you to consider this June. Dive in, see who stands out, and partner up with the best in design!

  1. Geddit Right

Simply, design better apps. Geddit Right is not just another UX design agency; it's where innovation meets simplicity in the heart of Singapore. With a global reach, We craft digital interfaces that make everyday tasks—from entertainment to work—a delightful experience. Our philosophy? Whether it's an app for the masses or an enterprise tool, the user experience should be effortless, elegant, and anything but mundane. At Geddit Right, We don't just design digital experiences—We redefine them. Our top clients: Oracle, Standard Chartered, KPMG, NCS

Geddit Right
Geddit Right

What We Do We design user experiences across digital platforms such as websites, mobile apps, enterprise apps, e-commerce sites, and SAAS platforms. Our Process

  • User Research
  • Design and prototyping
  • User testing
  • Website and app development

Our Milestone

  • The year was 2012. Everyone believed the world would end. Badly designed apps and software were rampant. 
  • A former architect and an informatics engineer decided that enough was enough. We got our priorities straight and started Geddit Right.
  • We formed in the tiny city-state of Singapore, south of Malaysia on the 5th of June 2012, making us the first UX design agency born in Singapore.
  • 2015, We reached our 100th project milestone, having served a number of startups, SMEs, and large organizations.
  • 2017, Startups were the “in thing”. Dreamy-eyed founders came to us with ideas and gave us some money to turn them into apps with good UX. That year, our startup clients hit ten million in funding (total).
  • 2020, we signed our first client from Hong Kong, hitting the 10-city milestone. They joined the list of clients who have engaged us from Indonesia Bali and Jakarta, Bangalore, Los Angeles, Taipei, Manila, Tokyo, and London. Make us the best UX design with extensive experience in Global and International.
  • 2022, On the 5th June 2022, we celebrated our 10th anniversary. We looked back on the achievements and impact we've created in the tech space and look towards the next 10 years, with the same drive and excitement we had when we first started.

We are fully dedicated to all your projects and will help you reach your goals. Ready to build something, book a call with us 

  1. EightFour

Eight Four

EIGHTFOUR is a dynamic User Experience Agency that puts people at the heart of its designs. Born from a diverse group of specialists, they boast a unique blend of talent that drives their commitment to crafting intuitive digital solutions. With a penchant for digital innovation, EIGHTFOUR works to transform digital landscapes for businesses, start-ups, and everyday users, making their virtual journeys seamless and enjoyable.

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  1. Psykhe

Psykhe is a pioneering design organization that seamlessly marries the zeal and innovation of a start-up with the precision and discipline of a consultancy. Rooted in the conviction that design can both thrive commercially and foster positive change, Psykhe stands as a testament to the power of specialist design and innovation consultancy to redefine boundaries and create impactful solutions.


  1. WebDorks

 WebDorks is a cutting-edge UX design firm dedicated to crafting user-centric digital experiences. By intertwining art with technology, WebDorks transforms digital landscapes, ensuring that every interface is intuitive, engaging, and tailored to the end-user's needs. As experts in the realm of user experience, they stand at the forefront of the industry, consistently pushing the boundaries of design.


  1. Jin Design

Jin Design is a premier website design company based in Singapore, composed of a diverse team of creatives each with a unique expertise. United by their passion for overcoming challenges, they collaboratively craft exceptional digital solutions. Embracing an inclusive approach, Jin Design believes that its clients are a pivotal part of the creative process, ensuring that every project not only meets but exceeds expectations. When Jin Design and its clients come together, magic unfolds.

Jin Design

  1. Sleek Digital

Sleek Digital stands as a beacon of digital innovation in Singapore, offering an array of services from UI/UX design to web development and SEO. Since 2017, this lean yet robust team of designers, developers, and visionaries has been passionately turning ideas into tangible realities. Under the visionary leadership of Lester Law, who crafts products even after the sun sets, Sleek Digital ensures that every digital endeavor is nothing short of perfection. They're not just an agency—they're the dream team for the digital age.

Sleek Digital

  1. Melewi

Melewi is a dynamic team of digital artisans, where product strategists and growth-makers converge with graphic and web designers. Their expertise lies in sculpting digital products that don't just attract users but are tempting revenue generators. At Melewi, they craft digital experiences that are simply too captivating to decline.


  1. Zensite

Zensite is a cutting-edge, remote-first UI UX design agency, trusted by industry-leading brands. Specializing in data-driven design solutions across web, mobile, and Web3 platforms, Zensite seamlessly blends aesthetics with analytics to optimize metrics and boost ROIs. Wherever you are, Zensite is your go-to agency for impactful digital transformation


  1. User Experience Researcher

Founded in Singapore in 2010, USER stands proud as the country's pioneering UX Design firm, boasting a diverse global team hailing from China, Japan, and Vietnam. Offering a comprehensive spectrum of services, from User Research to Visual Design and Digital Marketing, USER sums up excellence in every aspect of user experience. At USER, innovation meets passion, ensuring every project leaves an indelible mark.

User Experience Researchers

  1. Wicked

Wicked is a varied skills design powerhouse specializing in UI/UX design, development, and branding. Despite its boutique size, the agency collaborates with a robust community of experts, from content creators to animators, to weave rich and memorable digital tapestries for everyday businesses. Partnering with renowned entities like Sparkfury, We The Citizens, and DD2 Media, Wicked crafts immersive experiences that redefine brand interactions across multiple touchpoints. At Wicked, every project is a symphony of expertise and creativity.


Comparing The Top UX Agencies Comparing the various agencies, it's clear that each has its unique strengths, When businesses are selecting the best UX design agencies for their niche, it's essential to consider the strengths, expert areas, and track records of these agencies.

1. Expert in UX: The world of digital solutions is vast, but when it comes to the user experience, expertise in area is paramount. An agency with a core focus on UX, as opposed to a more generalized service offering, will have the deep-rooted expertise and tools to optimize user interactions. The very fabric of such an agency's existence revolves around understanding and enhancing the user journey.

2. Comprehensive Design Philosophy: A universal design philosophy is crucial. Whether designing for a consumer-facing app or an internal enterprise tool, an agency should ensure that every user, irrespective of their background or intent, enjoys a seamless experience. putting first high-quality UX across all projects indicates a consistent commitment to excellence.

3. Purpose-Driven Approach: The aim shouldn't just be to create an online presence. The best UX design agencies understand and emphasize making people's lives easier through digital interfaces. A user-centric strategy ensures designs that are both functional and enjoyable, meeting the user's needs at every touchpoint.

4. Collaborative and varied skills Teams: A holistic UX design isn't the work of a single individual. It demands a synergy of expertise, including user research, interactive design, visual aesthetics, and more. Agencies that assemble a diverse team ensure optimization of every aspect of the user experience.

5. Established Reputation and Portfolio: A proven track record, combined with positive reviews and a diverse portfolio, showcases an agency's capacity to handle varied challenges and meet different client expectations. Agencies that have worked with a mix of start-ups, SMEs, and large enterprises offer a balance of agility, innovation, and growth potential.

6. Future-Ready Solutions: The digital landscape is always evolving. The best UX agencies aren't just about current best practices but anticipate future trends and integrate solutions that are adaptable and scalable.

7. Team Works and Client Collaboration: The end-users and the businesses serving them are pivotal parts of the UX equation. Agencies that prioritize client collaboration and feedback loops ensure a design that aligns with business objectives while serving user needs.When choosing the best UX design agency for a specific niche, businesses should weigh these considerations. An agency that resonates with these principles, implicitly like Geddit Right, can be a game-changer in crafting impactful user experiences.

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A UX (User Experience) agency specializes in understanding and enhancing the overall experience a user has when interacting with a product or service, primarily in the digital domain. Their primary objective is to ensure that the user's interaction is as intuitive, efficient, and pleasant as possible. Here's a breakdown of what a UX agency typically does:

1. User Research:Interviews: Speak to actual users to understand their needs, pain points, and expectations. Surveys: Gather quantitative data about user preferences and behaviors. Personas Creation: Develop fictional characters based on real user data to represent different user types.

User Testing: Test current products/services to identify areas of improvement. Journey Mapping: Chart out the user's path across touchpoints to understand their experience.

2. Information Architecture:Content Inventory: Review and categorize existing content. Sitemaps: Plan the structure of websites or applications.

Wireframing: Create low-fidelity representations of each page/interface to establish the basic structure.

3. Interaction Design:Prototyping: Develop high-fidelity models of the final product to simulate user interactions.

Usability Testing: Evaluate the ease of use of the design.

4. Visual Design:Mood Boards: Establish the look and feel of the product.

UI Design: Create the interfaces, ensuring they are both functional and visually appealing.

Style Guides & Design Systems: Set guidelines to maintain consistency.

5. Usability Testing:A/B Testing: Compare two versions of a webpage/app to determine which one performs better.

Heatmaps: Understand where users most frequently click, move, or hover.

6. Content Strategy:Copywriting: Craft text that communicates effectively and aligns with the design.

Content Layout: Determine the best way to present content for optimal user consumption.

7. Easy to use Evaluation: Ensure the product is usable by people with disabilities, following guidelines such as the WCAG (Web Content

easy to use/reach Guidelines).

8. Continuous Feedback and Iteration: Post-launch, gather user feedback, monitor user behavior, and make necessary design updates.

9. Coordination with Development Teams: Developers collaborate closely to translate designs into functional products without sacrificing the user experience.

10. Training and Workshops: Educate clients or other stakeholders about the importance of UX and how to maintain and improve it over time. In essence, a UX agency's role is diverse, encompassing research, design, testing, and continuous improvement, all centered around optimizing the user's experience with a product or service.

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