UI Design

We express your brand visuals better

Visual Design

Visual design is what users see

We conduct user interviews and organize what we learn into user journey maps and personas. We then craft user scenarios to visualize all the different ways a user may interact with your product.

User Interface

User Interface are the elements that users interact with on a screen

It is the design of elements such as inputs, navigation, buttons & links. Anything that a user touches, type and click on. We strategically think about the placement of each UI element and how they look in different states when interacted with.

We like to create things that are nice to look at.

#1 Design Systems

We start off by establishing a design system

Design systems allow for faster designing and more consistent user experience. We typically use systems such as IOS GUI, Android's Material Design, Shopify's Polaris and adapt them towards your product's brand identity. This allows us to design across 100s of screens and multiple devices, relatively quickly.

#2 Mockups

We design the visual & UI mockups of each screen

Mockups are a medium of conversation about the design between you, your users and your programmers. By looking at a visual mockup, everyone should get a good idea of how the final product will look and how it might function, even if the functions aren’t yet working.

#3 Prototypes

We stitch together each screen and craft the transitions to create a product flow

A prototype is required for usability testing and explains better to your programmers the app/site's interactivity and flow. We use tools such as Invision to identify clickable/touchable UI elements, connect the screens and design transitions in between.

Kee Lin, Acecom Technologies

"We engaged Geddit Right to provide us an external and unbiased perspective of the user experience and visuals of our app. It was great working with them over the many weeks. We've especially learnt alot about e-commerce UX and our users."

Kee Lin, Business Development Manager, Acecom Technologies

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