UX Design

We make your user's experience less painful & more delightful

What is UX?

User experience are the feelings people get from using your product

UX design is about removing negative feelings of your app/site experience such as frustration, pain, annoyance and fear and increasing positive feelings by solving their problems, surprising them with rewards, having good visuals etc.

#1 Research

We kickstart your UX design project by learning more about your users

We conduct user interviews and organize what we learn into user journey maps and personas. We then craft user scenarios to visualize all the different ways a user may interact with your product.

  • User Journey Maps

  • User Personas

  • User Scenarios

Kickstart UX design project

#2 design

We move through different stages of designing & perfecting UX artifacts

We focus on best practices to solve UX problems and move through different stages of the design visuals with you. We call these artifacts; from low-fidelity storyboards (sketches), to mid-fidelity wireframes (greyscale) and finally, to high-fidelity prototypes (coloured visuals & UI design).

  • Information Architecture

  • UX Storyboarding (Low-Fidelity)

  • UX Wireframing (Mid-Fidelity)

  • Prototyping (High-Fidelity)

#3 Test

We learn about the pains & delights of the proposed design

With the artifacts as reference, we prototype and test with your users to seek out areas to improve on. We usually practice graphing the user's experience across 3 levels of user experiences; painful, baseline and delightful moments as they move through the test missions.

  • Graphing User's Experience

lights of design

#4 Iterate

We chip away all the issues uncovered with improved UX solutions

Our first goal is to remove all the painful experiences to achieve a 'baseline' experience (a win in our books!). Once that goal is achieved, we challenge ourselves to further develop delightful experiences for your users.

Iterate design
Jonathan Eg, Partipost

"I cannot say enough about Geddit Right. Over 6 months, we worked with them on the UX for our startup idea which got us from inception, to funding to product development. Highly recommended as a UX design partner."

Jonathan Eg, Founder of Partipost

faq #1

What is the difference between UX and UI?

It's not Visual & UI design, which is about making things look good. It is common to confuse UX design with visual and UI design. While user experience focus on the easeness and enjoyment of the user (feelings & emotions), visual & UI design focuses on what the user see (visual) and interact with (touch, click or type).

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