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About project

We designed the UX & UI for a smart city mobile app

Commissioned by Smarten Spaces, a leading IOT, and smart space solutions provider in Singapore, Brookfield was a concept application of what a smart city application could be using Smarten Space’s state-of-the-art sensors and data system.

We started off with a vision statement which was to ‘make life easier for employees of companies in Brookfield’. Being a concept app with no "real" users yet, we considered user archetypes from fortune 500 companies and mapped out their typical life journey in Brookfield. With this, we themed the app into 5 main features; Personalization (coupons of the day, events & news), Food & Deliveries, Retail, Concierge & Access.

"Spent a day on Google looking for a good UX/UI partner, found these guys, got on a plane the next day, spent a week with them, got back home with an awesome app prototype to show our stakeholders, won a bid for an entire development. How cool is that?"

Anushka Vergase, Co-Founder, Smarten Spaces

Storyboard #1

Personalization & Events

Based on the assumptive personas and user journey maps, we decided to focus on increasing 'small delights' into the everyday life of the typical Brookfield worker by offering them deals at timely intervals throughout the day.

Storyboard #2

Food & Deliveries

Lunch hour is "madness" - our client, relating her experience at her local business district. In our "How-Might-We" exercise we identified three realistic ways the lunchtime experience can be better; offer pick-up, delivery and seat reservation services from the potentially 50 outlets within the entire Brookfield estate. We dived deep into the UX removing potential pain points such as the lack of food visuals, clear interactions of what the users are adding to cart and a straightforward checkout process.

Storyboard #3

Retail & Shopping

"I do not have enough time to shop after work" - A working mother. One of the problems faced by working mothers in the business district was that they don't have the time to go grocery shopping once they knock off from work. We designed an experience to allow anyone in Brookfield to shop via the app during their work/lunch hours and collect their groceries from the respective shop at the end of the work day. They can also choose an option to get their items delivered to their car at a specific time.

Storyboard #4

Concierge Services

This experience was created to connect Brookfield workers to Brookfield Management. We envisioned a hybrid chat, help bot and form-based experience to ensure the user is able to quickly get their enquiries across, receiving real-time responses and also performing transactions such as season parking, facilities booking etc.

Storyboard #5

Security & Access

Thousands of Brookfielders means thousands of security access cards. We thus envisioned an experience via an in-app access card. Entrance security systems would be able to recognize the barcodes on their phones to enable them to gain access to their offices. For visitors, they will be given a temporary 1-day on-app pass as well, from the management where it will be deactivated automatically after 24 hours.

week 1

We kicked off the project with a 5-day design sprint

Our goal was to provide a validated prototype to our client's stakeholders as quickly as possible. The first day was spent identifying the users and their possible personas, mapping a concept experience and defining some challenges. The second day, we worked on possible solutions, challenging and refining them throughout via storyboards. On the third and fourth day, we rapidly prototyped the UX and test them with proto users for feedback. We ended the week with an iterated, presentable and viable protoype for the client to pitch to their stakeholders.

Week 2

We then deep dived into the visuals to refine the app's presentation

Based on initial stakeholder's positive response, our clients decided to continue refining the app's visual design, this time focusing on a brand look for Brookfield's app. We got together some mood boards for the clients to select and landed on this look and feel as our final design concept.

Week 3

We put together a design system to refine the visual design mockups

Using IOS GUI Design system, we used sketch design app to create the visual artboards and adapted IOS's UI elements accordingly. The result was 68 screens with a unique visual design and user interfaces. Our designers also carefully planned the content hierarchy to ensure good readability, contrast and flow throughout.

Post Project

We supported the client's developers to ensure the build was good

The app was to go into production quickly, for the clients to demonstrate its integration with their own hardware IOT smart solutions. Throughout the 4 weeks, we used InVision developer specs system to assist the client's developers (overseas) in getting assets easily, clarifying designs and giving suggestions to modify certain unimplementable areas.

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