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What is UX Design?

Before engaging us, it is worth to know what the term user experience actually is. In this video, Don Norman explains how the term came about, and what is the best way to define UX. And no, UX is not UI. In fact, when someone asks for an engagement in "UI/UX design", we get a little bit confused!

Kee Lin, Acecom Technologies

"It is very hard to explain to people what I do for a living. In my experience, when I say UX design, 50% of people would not get it at all, 40% thinks it is UI design - that I only design screens - and only 10% get what it actually is! I think it is because the industry tends to over-complicate UX.

It's actually quite simple. Once you "geddit" - pun intended - that UX is not only designing screens but designing the emotions of the user, you'd get that wonderful 'aha' moment!"

Muhammad Fitri

Episode #2

Why should you always start with a UX Strategy?

The #1 reason why most UX projects fail, it's because we don't have a strategy of deciding what experiences should be built in the first place. In this video, Jared Spool illustrates the Kano Model, a way of making decisions on features and when should we build them?

Episode #3

If you are not doing User Testing, you are not doing UX

If there is one glaring difference between UX design and Visual & UI design, it is user testing. In this video, Jakob Nielsen stresses the importance of doing one and why he thinks, the best way to understand what users want is to put a prototype in their hand and learn.

Kee Lin, Acecom Technologies

"One of the questions I am always asked is how do you learn about your users when you do not have a product yet? 

A neat trick I employ is to kick-off the project with user testing sessions on competitor products! You'd be amazed by the things we can learn by doing tests on other similar products with the same users.

Well, what if you do not have a competitor product? What if your idea, is so unique, there's nothing really out there in the market? 

Well, it's simple, ask a potential user to pick some apps from their phone to do a walkthrough with and learn what they like, what they dislike. The idea is to look for user patterns. So, moral of the story; no surveys! Put something in the hand of your users, and learn about them!"

Abdul Rafiq

Episode #4

How we use Design Systems to achieve design consistency

A delightful user experience must include good visual & UI design. The challenge comes in designing across hundreds of screens and multiple devices. In this video, Kara Pernice explains what Design Systems are, how it can be used as base for designing, adapting for your brand and implemented across a team of designers and developers.

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