Founders' sprints

We help non-tech founders turn their ideas into investible startups.

The Problem

Why do most people
never launch their startup ideas?

There are many reasons to this. But we figured out why.


Lack of design or coding skills

We get it. You are your business driver. But that shouldn't stop you from achieving your dreams. Let us be the ones to help you.

Lack of design skills


Not impressive to users and investors

You might have a prototype or some wireframes to present to your users. But somehow, they are not impressed. They might think that this is not enough.

UX Guide not impressive to investors


Failure to secure seed funding

Our experience has shown that if you do not have a working prototype, your chances of getting seed funding will drop tremendously. Almost 85% of our partners have secured funding through our prototypes.

Failure to secure seed funding

The Solution

We help founders turn their ideas into world-class app designs

We have done this with 100s of startups. Be the next one.


Founders' Sprint

Founders Sprints Workshop

2 weeks programme

  • 2 Days, 1-1 workshop

  • Professional UX/UI design service


We-do-it-with -you

Founders' Bootcamp

Founders Bootcamp

30 days programme

  • 3-days group training

  • 1-1 design coaching calls


Sebastian Koh - Here Tech

I was impressed with Geddit Right, from the start. Absolutely loved their enthusiasm about UX & design! We were introduced to Design Sprints, which changed the way we think about designing sites & apps, for the better.

Sebastian Koh, Founder, Heretech Inc.

faq #1

What's the difference between your design sprints & founders' sprints?

There is a minimal difference between them. Founders' sprints are more dedicated towards pre-startup phase where they are looking for partners who are able to help them throughout their ideation stage to funding stage.

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