design sprints

We create and test your product UX/UI in 5-10 days

design sprints

Design Sprints is a 5-10 day process to quickly design and test your product UX

Traditional UX design processes can be painstakingly slow and uninspiring. Design sprints compresses months long work into just a week. We believe that most UX projects should undergo Design Sprints first before further deep diving into focused UX and UI activities.

before sprint

We start off with a free discovery session with your visionary

We conduct a 3-hour session with the visionary of your project to learn about the business, and product & problems. The purpose is to give us, the sprint facilitators, a chance to gain insights on the project.

  • Mapping User Journey

  • 'How Might We' Challenges

  • Defining Sprint Constraints

  • Proposal & Agreement

day 1: workshop

Together, we spend a day mapping the user's experience

Mapping allows the team to get a consensus on how the user would interact with the product, task by task. We also challenge ourselves to make assumptions on "how-might-we" solve problems and increase delight throughout the user journey.

  • User Scenarios

  • User Tasks

  • 'HMW' solve pains

  • 'HMW' increase delight

Day 2: Workshop

We guide your team towards crafting the best UX storyboards

Together, we will generate as many ideas as possible in storyboard sketches and prints. At the end, we put them up on the wall for a quiet session of critique, polishing and final voting on which storyboards should be prototyped & tested.

  • Research Ideas

  • Print / Sketch Ideas

  • Present Ideas

  • 'Zen' Critique

  • Polish Ideas

  • 'Zen' Voting

Day 3-6: ux/ui design

Our expert visual & UI designers take over, to rapidly prototype the user experience

We choose from established design systems to quicken the process of designing. After creating a clickable prototype, we load them into our UX testing software to ready test missions for the next day.

  • Design System

  • Rapid Prototyping

  • Test Missions

Day 7-8: user Testing

We test the prototype with 4 users & measure their experiences

We facilitate and observe each user through each test mission and note their experiences on a graph; identifying pain points, baseline moments, delightful experiences and also record any insights they may share.

  • Graphing User's Experience

Day 9-10: final designs

We refine the user experience based on the insights gathered

While most design sprints end after usability testing is done, we prefer taking this extra step to make improvements to the design before handoff. We identify the pain points from the tests, quickly come out with solutions, rapidly design and send to your test users for quick feedback a few more times.

  • Remove Pain Points

  • Rapid User Tests

After Sprint

We handover the designs to your development team & plan your next sprint with you

The mock-ups screens and clickable prototype would be packaged and sent to your developers for them to quickly start coding and perhaps, launch. We end the sprint cycle with a review and discussion on the next steps; to continue improving, work on new experiences or to deep dive into the UX & UI further.

Sebastian Koh - Here Tech

"I'm glad Rafiq & Fitri introduced to us Design Sprints. By undergoing this shortened but intensive & creative design process, we were able to come out with an MVP which gained us valuable insights from test users!"

Chris Chong, Founder of Sumostory

faq #1

How much does a sprint cost vs. traditional UX process?

A single design sprint costs $10'000. In our experience, engaging us for standard UX & UI activities can cost our clients up to 3 times more.

faq #2

I am a non-tech founder with a product idea, should I do a sprint before funding?

Absolutely! Via sprints, we've helped numerous startup founders get funding and launch their products. In fact, we think it is the smartest way to get funding. Contact us, to find out how our clients did it.

faq #3

Our existing product is complicated, would sprints work?

Design sprints exists precisely to solve big challenges, faster and better. We've worked on enterprise UX projects before and understand its bloatedness & countless problems. Let us get you out of that horror show, before it's too late!

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