How Wala Cakes, a designer cupcakes bakery saw a 475% increase in revenue from a site re-design.

Mobile Responsive Website Design

"We needed a site that stood out from the competition, showcase our cupcakes and inspire visitors. Our old website was stuck in the early 2000s, but our brand has evolved. We had to keep up online.”

Mrs. Tanya Lim
Director or Wala Cakes

The first objective of the website was to ensure that the cupcakes was at the forefront of the site presentation.

We brought out the brand colours inthe website and made use of good photographs as part of the overall user experience.

The second objective was to make sure visitors clearly understand the company’s pallette of cupcakes and services.

We created a single-page parallax layout where users select the top tabs and the website automatically scrolls to the appropriate area.

A single-page allows for a good visual presentation of the brand where users can naturally read and explore the site without navigating through links.

This makes web visitors more likely to stay on the page and look through the entire site.

475% increase in sales first month after re-launch

7 x increase in online enquiries

270% increase in ‘housewives’ orders

400% increase in ‘gifts’ orders

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