How The POP Factories’s unique online shopping experience saw 1200+ visits in launch week.

Mobile Responsive E-commerce Web Design

"A good opening week was very important to us. We chose to focus on the unique experiences in our marketing materials on what they can expect, shopping with TPF. What we found out, it made a huge difference in getting sales thanks to the innovative open shopping cart view concept.”

Co-founder of TPF Inc.

The first objective of the project was to develop an online e-commerce website that is robust.

They intended to handle thousands of products if possible, allow for good inventory management, multiple shipping & payment methods, good promotional coupon codes generation and data for orders and customers.

This was achieved by building the website on the popular open-source e-commerce system; Magento. Magento allows the client to scale their business with an array of features expansion overtime. Building on Magento also ensures that the client has a website that is secured, ever-evolving and ahead in e-commerce technology.

The second objective of the project was to create an online shopping user-experience that is simple despite the tremendous volume of products it contains.

This was done with a careful approach to presentation, layout and depth planning to avoid the look of “clutter” (as many huge e-commerce sites experience overtime) and too many depths of link levels (keeping the site to a maximum depth of 3 levels to get to the desired page).

The third objective was for the site – and business as a whole – to be features-unique so as to remain competitive among the local e-commerce landscape in Singapore and to keep users coming back.

We created an interactive right-side shopping bar in which users can ‘mix and match’ the items in their cart to see how clothes match while surfing.

We also made the site tablet and mobile responsive to capture the mobile commerce ‘shop-on-the-go’ market.

1200 + opening week unique site visits

$1750 opening day sales and $17’420 opening quarter sales

47% mobile user checkouts

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