How The Design Network application launch page saw 475 sign-ups & beta downloads in launch week.

Mobile Responsive Web Design Landing Page

"We had an application that needed to be pre-loaded with designers and freelancers before it went out into the public. Hence, a landing page was improtant to us getting initial sign-ups and downloads. It had to be clear & concise, yet appealing enough to attract a tough ‘designer’ crowd. We managed to achieve that and more!”

CEO of The Design Network

The idea behind the mobile application is to gather the design community in one place where they showcase themselves and communicate with potential clients or fellow designers real-time.

The first objective was to design an infographic-like landing page that appeals to the target market intended.

We did this by developing two landing page versions (website and mobile) with iphone mock sets to feature the application and it’s functions.

Another objective was to ensure that the message was clear and captivating.

We worked with a communications partner to bring out key messages within the UX layout and strategize the use of typefaces accordingly.

475 launch week sign-ups from 14 countries

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